#showyoursupport - Show Your Support Social Campaign
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#ShowYourSupport and take part in the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s social media campaign this October. Taking a simple selfie will Show Your Support for those with breast cancer and help raise awareness of the vital life-changing role research plays.
Click here to download a useful guide to share with your friends.


step1Step 1: Take a Photo

There are many ways you can Show Your Support – be creative and snap a selfie wearing a pink item – for example, a pink bra strap, pink braces or a foodie shot with some pink cutlery.


Post as often as you like from 28 September to 31 October.

step2Step 2: Write post

Write your post and include the key message ‘Donate at showyoursupport.org.au and use the hashtag #showyoursupport. Here’s some useful facts:

  • 42 women are diagnosed each day from breast cancer in Australia
  • 7 women die from breast cancer every day in Australia
  • 1 in 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime

step3Step 3: Tag and Share

Tag @nbcfaus on Twitter and Instagram and @NBCFAustralia on Facebook so our page is included as a link. Show Your Support!


Tag your friends to get them involved!

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